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I've seen the Dexter finale like the day it aired, but I never had the time to say something and post a screencap or two (which I downloaded somewhere).


"Do you have an idea?"
"Maybe a guess?"



How much do I love the Dex-Deb-Quinn dynamic? Lots and lots. I can't wait for next season and I truly hope, besides for Deb and Dexter development and maybe a resolution, that everything works out fine for my new favorite character, Joseph Quinn. His sister's boyfriends, who he can't stand in the slightest and who knows more of his secrets than anyone. Couldn't be better IMO. I'm thoroughly amused and enticed.

Let me point out that Deb's character development is just the greatest all through the show. Of course people are complaining that it's not believable that she would ever change her mind about anything in her traumatizing life. I guess that's the same people who like to insist that Dexter is a sociopath who can't feel~ or enjoy sex, because he said so in the first episode. Good God, some people should just watch sitcoms.

I don't know why anyone even complains about Lumen leaving. My thoughts are along the line of "Great rebound love interest! Yay, she got a happy ending! Next." and by "next" I mean no new love interest, but lots of focus on the Dex-Deb-Quinn dynamic and some other stuff I couldn't imagine right now.

I just hope they never feel the need to go as dark as season 4 again. That was almost too much for me. I couldn't really deal with the Trinity murders anyway, but Rita? I'm maybe a little too sensitive for the shows I'm watching, but what can you do.

That last sentence was a cleverly put up transition to Breaking Bad. I'm currently at S2E8 and it is pretty much as good as everyone says. I was a little afraid to watch this, fearing it would be too disgusting, depressing and violent and yeah, kinda, but more importantly it is hilarious and pretty darn good.

My main problem at this point is that it's a little ... male. I need more female energy, or I feel the whatever-piece-of-fiction isn't talking to me anyway and I lose interest. Walt, Jesse and Hank are all great characters with great storylines and I will continue to watch, but I'm starting to get a little pissed at the mundane and frankly boring romance and addiction troubles that pose as edgy storylines for the female characters. :/ (Choosing a mean Veronica Mars icon as my feminist revenge. Sorry, Dexter bb, this is not for you!)

Just felt like complaining! Anyway, I recommend!
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