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Fandom Auctions

Random stuff I'm offering at help_japan:

Snape's wand

Postcard from Austria for a V-Gift
Not exactly my idea, it's all the rage and you can get postcards from basically everywhere, the coolest is offering Middle Earth. :) Though mine will of course also be v. cool!!

Speaking of fandom Auctions, I received another Inception fic for the Queensland auction in January and only just found it. :x Spectacular Arthur/Eames PWP first time smut by starlingthefool, rather kinky, extremely IC, go read.

Now seriously, while I'm speaking of several fandom auctions at once, can people stop saying that there is not a notable amount of natural disasters happening recently, we just have the impression because there was no television 100 years ago or something? Apparently I have to state the obvious: None of us remembers 100 years ago very well, so this memory is unlikely to cloud our judgment much. I do remember a couple of years though, and there was usually not that much happening in such a short time.

Besides I remember specifically hearing that this was the strongest earthquake in Japan for at least 140 years. It's not as if we wouldn't have access to the information if something happens every other year anyway, and we therefore solely rely on our emotions and whatever is trending on twitter.

There are a lot of big natural disasters happening recently.

It seems that over the apocalypse 2012 everyone forgot about the warnings of Al Gore et al. Weren't they always saying that climate change would lead to lots of disasters (obviously floods, but also earthquakes, because of some sort of chain reaction)? Well, maybe they were right. Or hey, maybe it's a coincidence. What it definitely isn't, is an illusion.
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