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October 22nd, 2007

10:40 am - Breaking news: ... Ah, whatever
I guess it's a good thing that the fandom imploded on a weekend I didn't have the time to be online longer than half an hour at a piece - and by "didn't have the time" I mean I was physically unable to - otherwise there's always time - so I couldn't spend 60 hours straight discussing Dumbledore's public outing.

I was however grinning stupidely for 60 hours straight! OMFGYES

As far as I'm concerend the romantic nature of Albus/Gellert was undeniable in canon. I don't think I ever really stopped to ask myself if that was on purpose on JKR's part, mostly because nobody challanged me by saying it wasn't canon. They ignored me at worst. However, my view has been challenged now as far as I read the discussions, so...

Read more...Collapse )

PS: So how many people used a "Dumbledore" tag for the first time in their life in the last few days?

PPS: Am I ever going to get comment notifications again or does lj just not love me anymore? :(
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October 16th, 2007

12:18 pm - JKR says stuff! (and I update - that's how it's probably always going to be)
About Snape! In case you haven't heard.

But like in the novels themselves, it was the great question of Severus Snape that brought down the house. A wide grin across her face, Rowling said she delighted in the fact that, even after "Deathly Hallows," there was still some speculation as to the true leanings of the erstwhile Potions Master.

"Snape is vindictive, he's cruel. He's not a big man," she insisted. "But he loves. I like him, but I'd also like to slap him hard."

Cue outrage! WHO IS CRUEL AND VINDICTIVE, YOU GRINNING MURDERING ... Now she even begins to admit how conflicted she is. :D

I hope with this "I like him" we can stop pretending that she loves Sirius and hates Snape. "I like him, but" is the one thing Sirius arguable had over him in terms of JKR's remarks.

Earlier, Rowling said she was particularly pleased with how Snape's story played out throughout the course of the series, contrasting his character arc with that of Dumbledore.

"Although [Dumbledore] seems to be so benign for six books, he's quite a Machiavellian figure, really. He's been pulling a lot of strings. Harry has been his puppet," she explained. "When Snape says to Dumbledore [toward the end of 'Hallows'], 'We've been protecting [Harry] so he could die at the right moment' — I don't think in book one you would have ever envisioned a moment where your sympathy would be with Snape rather than Dumbledore."

There. Snape was obviously more likable than Dumbledore in that chapter on purpose and even in Rowling's conflicted mind.

I guess I'll cut for a bit nowCollapse )

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October 1st, 2007

12:32 pm - A link or two.
Have you heard of projectdownload? If she gets 5 million downloads she'll get lots of money from Megaupload which she desperately needs for her brain surgeries. I fully believe she is for real. I don't know how much you can trust Megaupload, but I vaguely trust them to prefer good publicity over bad publicity and I think it should be tried out! One IP address can download once a day. It's a tiny text file, does no harm. (I've been doing it for a couple of days now.) Here is the download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=5QBOA940

And a fandom rec: This vid is fantastic! A tribute to the victims of Voldemort. Heh. I almost cried for Tonks for the first time and then there was the rest of the vid, and whatever you think of Fred, when George is still smiling on the spot where he just faded out OMG! :´´´(
It's really well done.

Plus this quiz meme I've been tagged with by ayumidah and have saved for quite some time now:

Bold the statements that are true for you.
Leave the false statements alone.
Tag five people to do this next. Not tagging anyone this time. Feel free to bold if you're bored. :)

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September 20th, 2007

02:02 am - The Effect of Deathly Hallows on Harry Potter Character Popularity ;)
You probably remember me having a character popularity poll a couple of weeks ago. (If not you maybe want to go here and vote instead of reading this?!) Well, I have hosted pretty much the same poll last year and am now able to present a fascinating statistical analysis of the fangirl stream on livejournal.

Very table heavyCollapse )
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September 5th, 2007

12:35 am - Potter Popularity Poll Part 2
I always wanted to repeat my character popularity poll after DH, actually longer after DH, but as it's currently unclear how long and in which form my population (lj fandom) will continue to exist ...

Please fill out! (Doesn't matter if you think you've done this before or not, of course.)

If you don't care about a character one way or another or can't decide which feeling is stronger, just choose neither "like" nor "don't like".

If you find yourself wondering if you should answer for canon, fanon or the movies, the answer is canon, which includes all seven books. If you can't separate, you can't separate. I want your spontaneous personal biased opinion of the characters in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.

Any open questions? Just ask!

VOTECollapse )
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September 4th, 2007

12:25 am - My pet peeve. Let me show you it.
For the love of god, there is no often repeated folk wisdom I detest more than "Marriage was not about love before the 20th century" "Marriage for love is a relatively new concept." Yeah, the concept is brand new and original. Romeo and Juliet, for example, were trying to build a reasonable life and business partnership! Shakespeare would be all confused if he found out that modern readers interpret them as marrying because they fell in love. What exactly Nelly's point was when she asked Cathy if she loved Edgar enough to marry him is impossible to say in retrospect. I also don't know why Antigone's fiancé killed himself out of grief for her, but I guess he must have kinda liked her for reasons utterly unconnected to being her fiancé. I mean, how would I know what weird, completely different emotions people wrote about prior to the 20th century, but it surly couldn't have been romantic love between a bride and a groom. Why would there be a connection between forming a positive sexual relationship and the concept of romance? Totally different things, right? Jesus Christ.

There is a lot to say about marriage. At some points in time and space it was only necessary for folk who had property (very logical) at some points it was more or less necessary for everyone who made children for moral reasons. Nowadays in the western world it is completely unnecessary for almost everyone and so we can conclude that a some people only do it to celebrate their ~love~. Albeit people still have other reasons: It's expected, it makes the parents happy, taxes, heritage, being allowed to live in your spouse's country, just feeling more secure in the relationship, whatever. What definitely didn't change is the fucking concept of marriage for romantic love, which is the romantic ideal at the very least since written language existed and I'm going to hazard a guess long before.

Wow, that was random.

Next time in this series: "Only bad news are good news!" and "Rape is not about sex, it's about dominance!" Grr Argh

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August 19th, 2007

03:56 pm - In which I'm smug and all
This summer I have finally found my special talent: Harry Potter ... prediction! Mine is a tragic life.

But I got this out of it:


And I also got this icon which I should probably upload and use in all future Harry Potter discussions:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Becuase if you disagree with me you are most likely wrong.* I always knew it.

I want to thank the guys from hallowoodsquare for doing this and being generally awesome, my sister, for buying and lending me the first 5 books, and JK Rowling! :´)

*Which should make you think twice about the icon I use in this post!!

PS: Wow scrapbook really is complicated!
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August 12th, 2007

10:08 pm - I'm a sheep, not a goat!
Yeah, fine, Geatestjournal sucks and Squeaky is everybody's hero. I admit my heart went all mushy when reading his clarifications too. So I set up an insanejournal. After all my name isn't that original and I'm feeling quite possessive about it. Maybe I will use this one! I'm feeling more inclined than with gj and definitely journalfen anyway and it does offer 100 icon spaces. You are certainly welcome to friend me and I'll friend you back!
I will now delete one of my ljs, that I only used for private entries, and write some first class underage Harry Potter porn everyone will want to link to, in order to feel a bit better about all this manic journal creation.

Now that I've said enough about where I might or might not post random memes in the future, lets get to the important things:

Shipping meme! All about Harry Potter because I can't talk about not Harry Potter related fandoms at the moment. Hey, Snape ~almost~ died not long ago, I can't think about Scully/Mulder or LoVe or frivolous topics like that.

If you do this you need to list the ships before you read the questions!

ShipsCollapse )

QuestionsCollapse )
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August 6th, 2007

02:07 pm - This is not a very original post!
How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension11
Your crimeMasturbating. They know.
Who reported youstuttermoan
Your fateHospitalized for your subsequent Cherry Garcia addiction.

So, I ignored my gj until now because the very thought of it bored me. Going to gj should be an exciting prospect with all those icons. Too much freedom for me, maybe? I guess I'm starting to friend people there now, in case I or everyone else gets suspended or just too pissed off with lj. Friend me?

Lj would "deserve" everyone deleting their accounts or at least putting them back to basic for being new permanent account deleting asshats (for posting adult smut!). For fuck's sake, first they reinstall pornish_pixies and apologise for deleting it in the first place, then they suspend a user for posting there?! But the sad truth is, I would suffer much more from that than lj would... I'm not sure we can win a fight against 6A, sorry to say. (I fully approve of spamming and insulting them for great justice, though!)
We can only adapt and share the smut, and possibly soon all fanworks, on fanowned sites and archives, probably locked down and password-protected for everyone's safety. Maybe cool sites will come out of this! Although they won't last forever either.
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July 30th, 2007

04:32 pm - Back to the really important topics
Do you think snape is a hero
J.K.R: Yes, I do; though a very flawed hero. An anti-hero, perhaps. He is not a particularly likeable man in many ways. He remains rather cruel, a bully, riddled with bitterness and insecurity - and yet he loved, and showed loyalty to that love and, ultimately, laid down his life because of it. That's pretty heroic!

Did lily ever have feelings back for Snape?
J.K.R.: Yes. She might even have grown to love him romantically (she certainly loved him as a friend) if he had not loved Dark Magic so much, and been drawn to such loathesome people and acts.

She would have loved him and they were meant to be (except not - you know what I mean) and James was absolutely right to be jealous, fucking loser, and I now ship them from the bottom of my heart. Just saying.

Personally I think all live chats with JK Rowling should be taken as gospel truth and canoner than canon but I might - possibly - be biased right now.

ETA: He wanted Lily and he wanted Mulciber too.

Hehehehe. Yeah, me and Voldemort, always only thinking in one direction.
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01:03 pm - I suspect Nargles are behind it
I have to stop thinking about this book for a while, so here my review of the OotP movie! (babysteps!)

Cut for length not spoilersCollapse )

So how did the movie do on the box office? I know it did good but how well compared to the others, does anyone know? Statistics intrigue me.

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July 23rd, 2007

07:43 pm - "No, it's not a bloodbath" WTH, Jo?
Yep, there might be spoilers as it's my rambling first impression of Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsCollapse )
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July 8th, 2007

02:57 pm - Bye
Okay, I'm outta here! Any minute now. I swear if it wasn't for the holidays, I'd have no chance to stay true to my avoiding-the-internet-in-order-not-to-be-spoiled plans. I very much enjoy this calm before the storm feeling in fandom, or completely and utter frenzy before the storm feeling, can't say which.

I for one am ridiculously over-exited, but I hope it's mostly because of general journey fever.

I absolutely love the Jonathan Ross JKR interview! Did you see? Scar is not the last word but she won't say what it is! Oh God, why not, I hope it's not "Ginny".

So see you on the 23rd, I hope! Don't break the internet in the meantime!
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June 25th, 2007

11:46 pm - I'm close to turning into a HP movie fan. Probably a coping strategy for the end of the series
As expected Deathly Hallows casting spoiler ;)Collapse )

The Half-Blood Prince movie on the other hand will all be about Snape and Ron Weasley's love life:Read more...Collapse )

YES! I approve of these priorities, I especially love the "No, no, no." to the Harry focus. They could have mentioned Draco, but well, it's quite unlikely that they'll forget about him.

Also, I see the light! Cho/Neville? OTP! The accents alone! Awww. This is my first movie inspired ship and I shall always stay true to it!

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June 5th, 2007

05:01 pm - Birthday Poll
It's little Draco's birthday! Me and Narcissa are all teary eyed! I do what I can to celebrate which is posting a poll:

Read more...Collapse )

The great thing about Draco is that he's the character I'm least sure to know how he and his story will turn out. I'm sure he survives, but that's about it. I have no idea what he will actually do in the book. I wouldn't have guessed his role in HBP in a million years either. So, awesome character, really.

Disclaimer: My icon is not meant to encourage or condone half naked underage liquor consume. You can do that on your 27th birthday, kids!
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June 1st, 2007

10:56 pm - Grumpy Update
So now I went and watched Pirates of the Caribbean III and they still didn't show the Order of the Phoenix trailer. >:(
Incidentally, this is the most interesting thing that can be said about all those hours at the cinema...

Why that silly? Why that brutal? Why at once? Why didn't they use Norrington more and why do I watch entire trilogies when the first part already pretty much sucks? *sigh* My love for Treasure Island didn't do me any favours there.

Okay, it wasn't all awful.Well, 'Spoilers'. The movie won't be good whether you read this or notCollapse )

While I'm at it, I've also seen Goodbye Bafana, which is based on the autobiography of Nelson Mandela's prison guard, and it was quite interesting, beneficial to my general education and definitely upsetting. Not a waste of time, unlike other movies that shall remain nameless. Nothing Oscar worthy to see there either, though.

Lets talk about Harry Potter! That's a great article about fandom, precisely Phoenix Rising of course: http://www.journalfen.net/community/fandom_lounge/522964.html

If Snape were really a baddie, pro-Snape playwright Meg Belviso pointed out smartly, it would be something of an anticlimax, considering that at the end of the last book, he killed the series' most benevolent protagonist. Good point! But, countered the anti-Snapist Nick Rhein, "it will be a much deeper and a much better written book if she doesn't redeem him."

You're wrong! But I get it; it's a debate, someone's got to argue the dumb side.

:D I like this woman. Her outrage at "A lot of people don't like Hermione" was hilarious, too. Very refreshing all in all.
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May 24th, 2007

11:36 pm - Veronica Mars is dead! Long live ... um ...
So that's it with Veronica, eh? :( I admit I lost a bit of my interest during this season and I think it's now plain to see that not having a season long mystery arc was not a good idea for this show, but this is still no reason to be happy, because - damn - I loved this character!

Final ThoughtsCollapse )
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May 21st, 2007

02:27 pm - The 'Harry is a Horcrux' Theory Revisited
I know this has probably been discussed to death, but I've seen a lot of objections around that don't seem to make a whole lot of sense and want to weigh in.

So here is why Harry is not only a horcrux but the horcrux and his horcuxness is the only reason JKR even made up this concept and storyline in the first place.

If anyone still cares ...Collapse )
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May 17th, 2007

12:42 am - Plot? Who cares about Plot?
Title: Night Cap
Pairing: Severus Snape/Regulus Black
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 1834
Summery: Of the plot, eh? Regulus visits Severus in his guest room to discuss the future and enjoy the present.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to JK Rowling.
Author's Notes: Thousand thanks to tealturtlequeen for the beta.

Everybody needs a generic little slash PWP sometimes!Collapse )

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May 9th, 2007

02:10 pm - It's our choices that make us who we are!
What the hell? I go to watch Spiderman 3 and they don't show me the Order of the Phoenix trailer? I'm outraged! They probably didn't want to ruin the effect of the Pirates of the Caribbean and Fantastic Four trailers. Pff. Although, I must say PotC looks like fun fun fun!

Spiderman 3 was freakin' hilarious. I think I was laughing all through the dark-Spiderman-with-the-Emo-hairstyle-and-guyliner sequence. The birth of Sandman must have been the best superhero (or villain) awakening scene I have ever seen! The acting of absolutely everyone was superb! I ♥ Sam Raimi.

The story doesn't make perfect sense, of course. Read more...Collapse )


JKR answers new questions!!! Aww, I was so hoping that Tonks was a Slytherin, but Hufflepuff would have been my second choice.

Draco has a hawthorn wand and no patronus. I think JKR told us a lot about Draco with the white ferret transfiguration. I understand that it was Barty and not Draco but in the end ... it was Rowling!

And aporopos, thinking back on the daemon/patronus/animagus discussion I had with mary_j_59 in the last entry: There isn't a single character of whom we know both, the animagus form and the form of their coporal patronus, is there? So I think JK wouldn't bother to choose more than one animal to flesh out each character, and for Draco we already have the ferret.

Where do I find this wand chart on Rowling's site?
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April 25th, 2007

08:08 pm - The Golden Compass and the Order of the Phoenix
Now this is an awesome idea for a meme:My Daemon!Collapse )

afshsdhjd You've seen the new trailer? :D This looks even prettier than PoA did, and this time it will also be a good movie. I feel it! (Besides this "David Yates asked much more of the young actors than anyone before" stuff sounds so much better than Alfonso Cuaron's ingenious "I just told the kids to think about their characters, if they should care, and trusted that they read the script." approach. Hey, the script said "Harry cries". Is it Cuaron's fault that Daniel can't read properly? - Ahem, enough with the bitterness.)

Umbridge is fantastic, but that much was obvious since the first photos. Harry's speech is so cheesy, but in an exciting and amusing way, especially with all the "great" adult wizards cut in it. Wizards, mind you. I guess all the great witches didn't start out just like our heroes. :p
Why are they using Leviocorpus all the time? Because it looks good and is funny, I know. And what about this S&M relationship Snape entertains with Ron and Harry? Same reason, I know. Will this lead to more Snape/Ron slash?

Oh, regarding these age old spoilers for Order of the PhoenixCollapse )

Anyway, this is my favorite Potter movie yet, I'm confident to say!
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April 20th, 2007

02:22 am - Snape and the Malfoys (Good Band name? y/n)
Another important fan opinion poll! Please take it and tell me what you think about the relationship between Snape and those Malfoys.

Ticky boxes to your heart's contentCollapse )

Read more...Collapse )
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April 13th, 2007

02:38 pm - The art of stating the obvious with as many words as possible
So I stumbled about these fanfic discussions on my flist and have the urge to chime in. It seems to be a pride issue for parts of fandom. People like to point out that fanfic isn't automatically beneath other works of fiction. Well, it is. It is automatically and by definition beneath original fiction, that's just nothing be ashamed of.

I'm reading published fanfiction at the moment:really a lot of wordsCollapse )

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March 28th, 2007

05:51 pm - :D :D :D
COVERS! The UK version has the new trio on the cover: Rupert Grint, Hermione and Clark Kent! ... He even has his arms in his Superman flying position. Lame, cover artist, lame. Dobby is there too, I guess. Well, better than Ginny.

The adult cover shows the Slytherin locket and is very very pretty! It's all going to be about Regulus, I just know it.
If I have the choice, I guess I will buy the adult one this time.

The US version? Spoiler much? Harry and Voldemort stand in front of or behind the veil, starring at a piece of soul floating away, and Harry has no scar anymore! Okay, so this could just be my interpretation. Anyway, if anyone had any doubt left that the climax is going to happen around the veil, that's taken care of now.
I like it. I much prefer cute teenage Harry to the british super stud.

The cover text claims that Harry is secretely taken away from Privet Drive by the Order of the Phoenix. Huh? Harry has no business going anywhere without Ron and Hermione, except maybe beyond the veil.

DH is only as long as HBP? (UK version) Could that be a misunderstanding... :(

Also, if you haven't seen The Potter Puppet Pals in The Mysterious Ticking Noise yet, I don't want it to be my fault. PPP beat themselves in "Trouble at Hogwarts" for the best suggested ending of the series. (Now it's high time that Rowlig shows her solution.)
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March 17th, 2007

06:47 pm - The End
The End of A Series of Unfortunate Events was really emotionally satisfying. I didn't expect it to be that good! You read ASoUE for the ingenious word games and style and not so much the fascinating characters and story, but considering that you get quite a good story and memorable characters.

Cut for SpoilersCollapse )

If you know ASoUE, tell me who's your favorite character! I'm all curious.

Who's your favorite character?

Count Olaf
Lemony Snicket

I don't know why I like Klaus best, I think he's quite charming. So far I feel rather alone with my preference. Okay, so I only know one person who has read the books besides me, and a handful who have seen the movie, but.

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