Nemesister (nemesister) wrote,

Wild Dexter Predictions

So Deb is getting friendly with the vigilante inside of her! :D First by not minding at all that she shot that gangster brother and now she admires Dex and Lumen's work. I wonder if that means she will find out Dexter is involved and cover for him. Seems pretty possible at this point.

At first I thought she would only catch Lumen with Jordan Chase' body and let her go, but it would be world's cooler if she saw her brother as well and why wouldn't the show want to be cool?

Likely Quinn would be there too and probably topple over in the attempt to totally be on the Morgans' side. Then they can go on a double date and Dexter will finally feel like a normal part of a happy family. :p

Honestly, I don't mind any of these ships anymore. Quinn has really grown on me since he's all puppy eyed and in way over his head with the consequences of his actions. He's just so innocent in a corrupt-pervy-policeman-with-anger-issues way. Rooting for you Joey! Who would have thought.

Of course I was hoping Lumen and Dex would be platonic, but it's probably more realistic this way. People are very, very likely to be both, attracted and attached, to one another in such circumstances, I see no point in being all grossed out by the cooties.

The Liddy problem: I'm expecting Quinn to take care of it in desperation, maybe it's kind of an accident... It's definitely unlikely he survives and if it's Quinn's doing he has another very good reason not to be judgmental of Dexter.

Am I imagining things a little to happy go lucky? Is the double date too much? :P I don't know, after the last season there is no way they can end it any worse, so why not go far in the other direction!

On the other hand I guess it's possible that Lumen and Quinn both go to prison. Meh. At least the Morgan siblings could bond a little over that. However, I'm going to hold out for my happy ending as long as I can.
Tags: dexter, tv
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